Evening Classes

Evening Classes

Harewood Avenue, Bournemouth BH7 6NZ 

Session Structure

What can you expect to happen at our weekly football classes?


The first 5 minutes of our classes are FREE PLAY! Your child will be given their own ball and time to play on their own or with our coaches, aiding their creativity and independence!


It’s important all children understand their surroundings and feel comfortable with one another. This is why each coach get’s introduced at the start of every session and the session get’s explained.

Warm Up Game

Designed around our session theme, to aid skill development and warm up!

Fun Related Games

All children are given a ball each throughout the class to help their football skills whilst learning how to listen, follow instructions and share with others.

Goal Scoring

The most important (and fun) part of football! We create games to give children the opportunity to score lots and lots of goals, and show us their celebrations!


Play as a team and learn how to play in mini matches! This is the chance to show off what they have been learning during the class! Once the matches are over, we have a group discussion at the end of the session to go over what we have done in the class!